Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Traditions

As a mom, I strive to maintain traditions - whether it is dying Easter Eggs, pumpkin hunting or the many Christmas ones we have. This year every thing seems to be falling apart! I did not want to cut down our tree until my daughter was home from grad school. So we waited until the 21st. We planed for our son to get out of work early and we would all carry on the tradition of  chopping a tree. Early on the morning of the 21st our son calls. Ends up, he cannot leave work early plus he is sick! So now I am still back to the dilema of not having the entire family there. So I decide that he should come home after work and we will all just get a pre cut tree at one of the stores selling them. I have decided I will be ok with that. After talking to him, we realize he really just needs to be in bed so he odes not come. Now the questions is to wait for him or go with just the 3 of us. My husband took the dog for a walk while we were getting ready to go. He comes in and tells us to follow him. We have 3 acres of property and he found some evergreen trees. Seems he really was not willing to give up cutting our own. So we found this one and I actually love it!

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  1. It is hard as our children grow up to change our traditions. This started a little bit for me when I was divorced, but now that one of my children is married, it is even harder. Celebrate the times you do have together, and cherish the memories. I am looking forward to new traditions. BTW, the tree is gorgeous!


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