Friday, July 30, 2021

July is flying by!

 My goodness! This month is just flying by!!

We got a nice reprieve today with temps being in the 70s. Was perfect for getting out for a walk. I spotted a garage sale sign on the street behind ours and stopped to investigate. My grandkids are arriving Thursday for vacation and I had been looking for a stroller to borrow. Well, there was a free one at this sale! I was quite excited and we brought it home. I was able to borrow a car seat, so other than stocking up on the food requested by the 4 year old - we are ready! 

I had a friend over Tuesday to play with watercolors. We completed a couple of Andrew Geeson You tube tutorials. 

I like my version of Purple Blast. Very different than my normal style.

These were not based on any tutorials. The blue leaves have gold as well.

Saw something like this on pinterest. I used charcoal pencil on the watercolor. 

So it was a good week for art. 

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Have a wonderful and healthy weekend! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. 

Friday, July 23, 2021


 Here we are to Friday again. I don't know about you but I have a difficult time keeping track of the days. Thank goodness I have my phone to remind me:) 

even though I got home from Phoenix late last Sunday night, I have not had much time to paint. There was catching up on emails, grocery shopping, cleaning. And then we headed up to the cottage on Wednesday. 

Last week's challenge at Watercolors Beginners and beyond on Facebook was Tinyart. I got these two completed. They are about 1 inch by 1 inch. 

Our garden is beginning to bear fruit or in this case veggies! My husband has been brining in carrots, radishes, peas and more. I completed this card for a friend. 

Thank you for visiting me today! Wishing you a safe and healthy weekend. 

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Friday, July 9, 2021


 Taking time to visit the grandkids. At ages 2 and 4, I don’t get much time to my self.  However, we started when they were both making hand and footprint art.  This is th elate at for the 2 year old.  He LOVES trains.  

Here is a quick birthday card I made for my son before I left. 

Wishing all of you a safe and healthy weekend. We are just trying to stay cool here where temps are in triple digits!! 

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Paint Party Friday

 Something a little different for you today. 

I saw a similar painting on Pinterest. I also purchased some mats to better showcase pieces such as these. 

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I am heading off to visit the grandkids for a few weeks. I am bringing some supplies but with a 4 and 2 year old, I don't envision getting much done:):) 

Thank you for visiting and for your kind words! Have a safe and healthy weekend!!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Making a dent

 I am slowly making a dent in the to be scrapped pile. With two grandkids, the pile grows faster than I can get to it:) 

Started working on January 2021. We took a weekend trip to Flagstaff. My daughter wanted to give the kids a winter wonderland weekend. Sadly it was cold but there was no snow. We had a lovely time anyway. 

On our way home we hiked around Walnut Canyon 

We had a fun time getting away for a weekend. Walnut Canyon is an amazing park with cliff dwellings. Quite the view!

Reilly, age 2, is working on his thumbs up. He uses a finger and thumb to give the sign. I found this journaling card and knew I had to build a layout around it.  I used a sketch from SketchNScrap

Here is my layout. 

Thank you for visiting today and for your kind words! Talk to you next time! Stay safe and healthy!

I am Back but will be Leaving:):)