Friday, October 29, 2021

Rainy Friday

My husband is off visiting the grandkids for the week so I am having lots of time to paint! I am still working on ornaments. I bought a second batch as the show I am in wanted even more:) I also worked on a few cards. 

This is a card I did. I like how it turned out and might do a few more.

And a few more ornaments. I will have 60 when I am finished. 

It is a rainy day which means I cannot get out for a walk as I hoped. So, in the meantime, back to painting!

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Fall is here

 Where we are in Michigan, we have gone from summer to fall. Earlier this week it was in the 80s. Today it barley made 50. The leaves have not been changing as they normally do and the rain and wind have already knocked a lot off. 

It is good weather to stay in and create! This week I was working on mixed media canvas ornaments. Here is a sampling of them. I have more blank canvases arriving tomorrow so hope to get even more done. 

We had dinner with friends last weekend, and she bought pumpkins for all of us to carve. I went with an art  theme -- The Scream. 

Some of the changes happening to the trees on our street. 

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Another week in the books

 Happy Friday. In Michigan we finally left summer for fall. Temps were 80 on Monday and today a more seasonable 60. Leaves are turning but the rain is making them fall too fast. 


I have been painting more ornaments. 

And i got some new acrylic paints from Sizart. These paints are thick and blend nicely. 

I tried painting something other than flowers. It needs more but I am not sure what. Any suggestions?

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Friday, October 8, 2021

A new project

 There is an art show in December that I hope to be a part of. I have been busy painting ornaments to sell. 

I am using wood discs and painting them with watercolor, acrylics, Unicorrn Spit and more. Trying to make a variety. 

Last week I was with the grandkids and we had to do more hand/footprint art for their walls. Here are our latest

They always giggle and laugh when we paint their feet! I hope we can continue this tradition for many years. 

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I am Back but will be Leaving:):)