Saturday, September 20, 2014

Haha - on a Roll

I have had the day to myself while my husband and the dog were at the cottage. I have used that time wisely:)

I got the wedding centerpieces taken apart and borrowed items packed up ready to be returned. I put away various piles of wedding stuff. I made a stack of keepsakes to be scrapped or archived.

Then I caught up on my art journaling:) I had not been feeling creative at all but today have finished not one or two but three pages!! Each one is different using various prompts.
The first was to use newspaper. My girl and hearts are from the paper.

This one was for Rhyme. I had bought a lyric/music book at the library sale so pulled out a Sailing rhyme


For texture I watercolored a tissue and modge podged it into my  journal.  I turned different blots into flowers. This may be one of my faves!!

I just love that I completed so much today!


  1. whoa! Mojo has been unpacked and is raring to go! Love them all!

  2. You know I love your work Jean and consider you an artist. <3 I love all three pages you created. Thanks for being a part of this hop.
    Yvonne :) <3


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