Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy day!!!

It is not good when your 20 year old son calls you to say he is having chest pains. Luckily the doctor got us in quickly and did an EKG. His heart is fine but he is having esophagus spasms and acid reflux. Hoepfully the medicine will help it.

I ran after work to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist noticed a spot on the root of a tooth that is under a crown. Looks like an abscess so I need a root canal.

My daughter had spent 3 days grading 80 papers which were stored on a flash drive. Today the drive would not open. She spent a few tense hours until she found a friend who was able to recover her work.

Had I known it is Monday, I would have thought otday was a Friday and the 13th!

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