Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Monday Morning!

It is January in Michigan and yet a thunderstorm rolled through at 2 am. Would not have been so bad except for the 80 pound golden retriever who got in the middle of our bed so I could pet him. He is not a fan of storms.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who sopped by the If It's Groovy Blog Hop! I know I had fun looking at all the projects!

The winner of my RAK is Marianne Fiskateer #6701. I will be getting in touch with you!

I have been working on an album of the holidays. Here is one of fave layouts -
The journaling is actually folded but includes the story of this year's tree hunt. Despite having children 23 and 28, I try to maintain all of our traditions. One of those is cutting our tree down together! This year life got in the way. The 28 year old did not get home from grad school until the 20th, the 23 year old could not get out as planned, it was raining and muddy and time was running out. So I decided just three of us would buy a pre cut tree. DH was not quite ready to give up on cutting our own tree. He walks around our 3 1/2 acres because he remembers seeing some evergreens. We follow him to the woods and there was this lovely tree. It was 10 feet tall, straight as could be and though the branches were far apart, it was great for the ornaments. So we cut it and took it inside. We did not decorate until the 23rd when the 23 year old could join us.

I used glittery paint and dusted the branches with embossing powder.

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  1. Yeah! I can't believe I your winner. Thank you so much¡
    I will pm you my address on the DisasterFiskateer mb. I noticed you asked to be my friend, and of course accepted, this sort of tells me why!

    Thanks again!


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