Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An evening's Work!!!

I was inspired by Dinae Kaufman's tray on Pinterest

I had gotten this shelf at Goodwill for $2.99.

I wanted to and did remove the top part with the heart. I thought I could use this like one of those trays...

I painted it black then proceeded to glue papers on the back. Or so I thought -- no, I accidentally glued them on the front:( So I peeled them off and washed the mod podge off creating a sort of weathered look WHICH I LOVE! I used black and white photos all from the 4th of July week.

I reglued the papers and then added photos and embellies.

 Top part

Bottom part

It is going to look AMAZING at the cottage!!


  1. Now isn't this the absolute coolest idea. 3 dollars is a steal and it is perfect.

  2. talk about a bargain! $2.99 for that beautiful project. yes, please! :)



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