Thursday, December 6, 2012

How Did you Do That?? Mixed Media Canvas

I was asked to present a class on "How do you do that?" for  Memorable Seasons.

How do you make those Mixed Media canvases. To be honest, I am no expert. I started playing last year and have practiced, and tried, and covered up and enjoyed learning the new craft of Mixed Media. Many of you know that I have a twin sister who is the artistic one. Growing up I ruled Math and Science while she took over Art and Music. For me to be doing these canvases is nothing short of amazing:) In an effort to show you what happens, I have two videos. I will warn you ---- it is very evident that I have never made a video before:) Please forgive my being upside down, changing outfits, head and hair, and all the starts and stops. I do hope it gives you an idea of the process but really there are no rules! You Tube is an amazing place to find instruction and inspiration. You just need to put in mixed media and there will he thousands of videos to watch! There are also online classes available for those who want to explore this even more. 

This video is not really 6 minutes. There is nothing after the ending credit. Sorry - new to this process. 

Here is the finished canvas

There is so much you can do with Mixed Media and it does not always have to be on a canvas. You can use these techniques on scrapbook pages, in art journals and for cards. Here are some other examples:

I bet you even have most of these supplies at home! I use the cheapest acrylic paints or watercolors there were Jen's when she was in the 6th grade!  You can use old books, phone books, magazines, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, pattern paper, etc.  Stencils can be made from almost anything - onion or orange bag mesh, the leftover piece from chipboard, etc. You know those rubons you  hate? well, pull them out and use them. I know everyone has a drawer full of stamps! Bubble wrap and cardboard, toothbrushes and combs can all be used for texture. I do use Modge Podge to glue items down and to coat the piece when i am done. 

So my challenge to you is this - create something using Mixed Media techniques. Make a canvas, create an art journal page, try a tag or card. The trick is not to over think it. Play, have fun and ENJOY!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and watching the videos! I appreciate the support!!

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