Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Make Today Count

According to the most recent statistics ---- 1 out of every 8 women will get breast cancer.

That pretty much means it will hit one of our friends and/or family.

I have had breast cancer not ONCE but TWICE. The first time was in 1994 and the second in 1997. I know technology and the medical field has made tremendous advances since I went through this but that does not make it any less horrifying.

An online friend of mine, Cheryl Waters , had breast cancer surgery on Monday. I know many people have lifted her with thoughts and prayers. Cheryl is a former Lead Fiskateer and is a wonderful artist. Here is a link to her website  Artsyfindings. Cheryl is determined to Make Each Day Count. I saw on Liz Hick's blog the opportunity to take a print and alter it. The idea being to shower Cheryl with virtual art. I took on the challenge :) Here is my watercolor page for Cheryl. I printed Liz's Make Today Count on tissue paper and gessoed it to watercolor paper. Then I started playing - paint, stamps, ink, doodling-- yes even that!

I just want to remind Cheryl that she is not alone on this journey! Her faith, family and friends will get her through. And, this reminds all of us to MAKE TODAY COUNT!!!

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  1. I love it Jean...and Cheryl will too. wonderful job. Thank you all for doing this for her. We love her so much. And all of us showing our support is so Awesome.


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