Saturday, April 13, 2013

Snow was in the Air

It snowed for much of the day so I was inspired and got to work on my Christmas album. I have had the photos printed and the papers picked out for months. Just did not feel like tackling it, until today! I think I got 7 pages done!

Each year I give my kids a dated ornament. I try to make it meaningful. It is always a big production to present it to them.

 Ever since Jen was little we have gone on a tree hunt and cut our own tree. Last year the gods conspired against me, so this year I was determined to have our annual tree hunt. I must have done something bad because again this year we ran into problems. It was the Saturday before Christmas and the tree farm was closed!?! Really? They had 3 pre cut trees left and sold us one for $20! Yet another memory for the books!!
I chose Teresa Collins papers and just love them! I need to photograph the rest but this is the start!

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