Monday, August 5, 2013

80 years Young

When I grow up I want to be like my husband's aunt Corinne! At 80, she is the life of the party! Always ready for anything, always a smile on her face and loving life! I spent the weekend with her for her 80th birthday party! Let's just say the party was not just on Saturday!! I flew into Newark and was surprised to see the NYC skyline as we came in to land. ( I had forgotten how close it is). Aunt Corinne loves monkeys and brought Auggie to the party. Her cousins had set up a photo booth - hats, feathers, glasses, etc and had everyone stop there! There was great food and champagne - Aunt Corinne's favorite drink.  She and I continued the party after everyone went home!

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  1. oh how fun! I bet we'll soon see more pictures in a fab layout of yours ;-)
    TFS Jean!


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