Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thirty Years Ago

Thirty years on Dec. 6th, I gave birth to our daughter. I  started the day at work. The operations office of the bank where I worked was on a mezzanine level and the bathrooms were in the basement. I spent much of my time climbing up and down those stairs. I also had a terrible pain in my back and ended up doing all sorts of things to get comfortable. I finally called my husband who drove me home. After spending more time in the bathroom, he got worried about me. I got in the back seat of our Plymouth horizon and he flew ( literally ) to the doctor's office. It was just like a Dogwood and Blondie cartoon moment when he ran in yelling " my wife is having a baby in the back seat of the car". I think 5 people came to help me into the office. I barely got up onto the table when the doctor called the ambulance and I got a ride to the hospital. Ironically it was 1 mile from my office where I had been working.  Not 10 minutes later, Jennifer was born.

Being an oldest child can be difficult but not for Jen. She has always been mature and independent. She set the bar high excelling in academics and sports. She had a large group of friends.  Jennifer is a planner and organizer, is determined and once she sets her mind to do something, there is no changing it. She has succeeded in life. She is a Research Associate at the Dept. of Ed for the State of Arizona, was recently engaged and just bought a house. We have a wonderful relationship and friendship despite the distance.

For her birthday Jennifer completed her List of 30 on 30. Shawn took pictures of her completing the 30 things which I can't wait to see. One of the items on her list was to send us a list of 30 reasons why she is grateful for us. Here is that list:

1.      They are full of love (for their children, each other, pets, friends, and others)
2.      They are incredibly kind and welcoming – friends, significant others, pets
3.      They are generous (often beyond what I deserve) of time, money, and energy
4.      They are forgiving (of stupid decisions or changes in mind or frankly just wrong-ness)
5.      They are always, always, always there for me in times of need
6.      I can talk to them whenever I want
7.      I can share anything with them – good or bad
8.      I can ask their advice on anything (including advice I need but don’t want to hear)
9.      They are super cool/chill
10.  They are trustworthy
11.  They worked hard (and continue to work hard)
12.  They are dedicated to each other
13.  They are dedicated to our family (especially as it grows)
14.  They sacrifice for each other and us
15.  They are inspirational in their love for one another
16.  They are inspirational in their determination to provide the best for me and Rob
17.  They want to spend time with us (maybe sometime’s too much )
18.  They will do anything for me (and Rob)
19.  They are (for the most part) patient
20.  They are fun!
21.  They support me in everything I do
22.  They taught me to be a strong, independent woman
23.  They encourage me to follow my heart, my dreams, my wishes
24.  They knew (and continue to know) when to be a parent and when to be a friend
25.  They taught me and continue to teach me many things (because they are super smart!) – general knowledge, life lessons, useful skills, etc.
26.  They showed me how to treat others in a relationship and how I should be treated
27.  Their desire to be good parents drove their decisions (rather than the desire to be right)
28.  They place(d) family first
29.  They are two of my best friends
30.  They made me

What she doesn't know because she did not get it yet, was that I put 30 strips of paper in her card which had words describing what I love about her. 

Great minds think alike:)

Happy Birthday Jen!!

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  1. She is beautiful Jean! Congrats on raising such a wonderful woman!


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