Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Holy Cow!

Holy cow!! Who would have thought!

My good friend Sandee, shoved, forced, directed me to Derwent Acadamy for a series of videos titled how to Draw! Obviously she knows me very well because I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.

Lesson 1 was about shading. I got excited and completed two projects. The first was kind of hurried and sloppy but this one was better.

The academy has to approve your work before they release the next video to you. Lots of mail biting going on! I was so excited to get the email that I could see the next video.

This week's was on perspective which I have always had trouble with. But they did it using rulers! This is my kind of art! I jumped right in and was very pleased with the results

One point persepctive

Two point

3 point

I even drew the cow! 

This was so much fun! Now I just want to sit and draw cubes all day!!!!

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