Friday, October 17, 2014


I am becoming quite the artist! hahahaha. Yes - me.

I am taking Radiant Faces - a class taught by nine different inspiring teachers and it is all about faces! For me this a huge challenge! I am not an artist and can't draw anything BUT I am trying and learning!

I am going to share a few of the first lessons.
Lesson one was from Jane Davenport and was about Nymphs. As you can see I need much more work to accomplish these!

Lesson 2 was by Tamara Laporte and was about your inner girl. My sister wanted me to make her into a halloween girl so I did.

 Lesson 3 was a She Art girl from Christy Tomlinson.

So, I cannot wait to see what else I will create!

Supplies- Deco Art paints and  Decopauge.


  1. Just signed up for this class, too. What fun! Will look for more of your girlie faces- nice start!

  2. You're very talented Jean!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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