Thursday, October 22, 2015


It is that time of year when i start in on the kids about traditions. I don't care that they are 27 and 31 and both married. These events are import to our family. Pumpkin hunting was always a tradition. We went to the field, checked a bunch of pumpkins out and selected our favorites! Fast forward to last Sunday. DS siad he would come over and do this. He called a place we used to go and was told they did not grow pumpkins this year. Another place was closed on Sunday. So I went to a parking lot where big wooden containers had pumpkins for sale for $2 each. I bought 3 and put them in our garden and the kids hunted for them there. Somehow it did not have the same effect:) but I got a few pics! And I scrapped it.

Adding this to PCC Magazine Monday Inspiration! This scrapbook paper matched the look and feel of the magazine cover!


  1. I think having family traditions is awesome! Ours usually revolve around birthdays. We always have an ice cream cake, the birthday person chooses the meal and it is eaten off a special plate that matches my set but says Happy Birthday on it! BL

  2. Love the pic and what you did with this My Minds Eye line! Bl


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