Friday, July 12, 2019

Paint Party Friday!

Between staying at my daughter's to help with her new baby and spending almost a week at the cottage after that, it feels like I have had no time to paint or scrapbook. But, while at the cottage my daughter in law, sister and I got out the watercolors. We sat on the deck and got messy. 

Here are three cards I started. I hope to finish them this week after we are done staining the deck. 

The left one is a bird with a butterfly, the middle is a poppy and the right one is another of the fashionista girls. All  need black pen and even maybe more paint. 

Adding this to PaintpartyFriday

Thank you for visiting and stop back again to see the completed cards! 


  1. Glad you found some time to play with paint in spite of all the excitement with the new baby. Have a great weekend, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your watercolor paintings. So delicate and subtle.
    Happy holidays on the cottage ❤️🌞

  3. I find it more difficult to get a lot of art done in the summer too! Been doing just a bit each day on an index card to keep the creative flow going:) LOVE your poppy most of as that is my favorite flower and color. happy PPF!

  4. I have a cabin and it is a great place for writing, drawing and painting. - Margy

  5. Glad you found a bit of time to create but I know you had a wonderful time with your family.

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely time painting. Love the watercolour cards!

  7. Nice, like them all


  8. Looks like a beautiful start - lovely!


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