Friday, July 17, 2020

New Computer

My computer died a week an d a half ago so I have been anxiously awaiting the new one. Luckily my son is Tech Support so he got me all set up and I am now good to go. Luckily nothing was lost!

It has been a busy week as I continue to experiment and play. I have watched some wonderful Youtube videos which have helped me a lot. And I am now on a quest for a fun brush I saw which I think will help me a lot. It is referred to as a Cat Tongue.

And then something different - a watercolor goauche ATC for the theme destinations. This is Arizona where the grandkids are:)

Adding this to PaintPartyfriday. Please go there and visit the many wonderful artists! 

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy weekend!

Thank you for visiting. Your kind words mean the world to me.


  1. I love your watercolors, especially the transparent strokes are so effective. I’ve had issues with watercolor, perhaps I should try again with YouTube to help. Beautiful works!

  2. You are doing a spectacular job on the watercolors. Very lovely.

  3. Beautiful art, the water-colours are so delicate and ethereal! Happy PPF, Valerie

  4. Lovely work, youtubes help me a lot too. Yay on the new computer.

  5. These are wonderful works!
    Happy PPF, Elke

  6. beautiful watercolor florals! I bet I can guess the YT videos because I have done similar;)
    Love your gouache painting- such vivid colors! Happy PPF
    PS it's great having a techie son isn't it:)

  7. Only thing I done on my ATC card is color pencil PPF and Coffee is on

  8. Oh, those flowers are so beautiful! And the colors n the Arizona piece really speak to me. Happy PPF!

  9. I have a couple of Cat Tongue brushes and I love them. So versatile. Wonderful flowers and landscape. The flowers make me think of paper flowers.


  10. Wonderful artwork ~ divine and glad a new computer and a techie for a son ~ ^_^

    Live in the moment with love,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  11. Gorgeous watercolour petals - so subtly blended and pretty. And your desert landscape is amazing. You'll enjoy the new brush, I'm sure - it's amazing how much difference a good brush makes, especially some of the interestingly shaped ones. Belated happy PPF!
    Alison x