Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Growing and Learning

I have a twin sister who got the art and music gene while I got the math and science. For years we clashed - she danced ballet and listen to classical music. I was the social butterfly hanging out going to school events and rocked out to the Monkees and Beatles.

A few years ago, I took a She Art class from Christy Tomlinson. Several of my first canvases were just plain ugly but I kept playing. I found a creative niche in mixed media. I joined several on line groups and began art journaling and playing with the products in my stash. Watercolors were fun but I really could not seem to manipulate them. A few years ago, I took a class at the high school but the teacher did not really help us. This past month I signed up for another class. The teacher is very kind and helpful and has really been encouraging me. Yesterday in class I painted these flowers. My teacher looked at them and then gave me a big hug. She was just so delighted.
 Tonight I put my skills to the test to make a get well card for a friend.

I am quite proud of my self. For years I said I was not artistic but maybe I am........

My thanks go to Sandee Setliff and the Mixing It Up and Embrace  Your Art Daily Facebook Groups which I am a part of. I appreciate the feedback and support!!!

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  1. Visiting from djdardkreations for the first time, though she introduced you on April 19th so some time has gone by since then. I think your watercolors are beautiful and it's amazing what an encouraging teacher can do for a student, isn't it?! I have a very scribbly handwriting yet took up calligraphy. I was thrilled when I could get two lines to meet! Thanks to my instructor/mentor it became my artwork. I found stamping 18 years later and love making cards. Keep up the good work.


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