Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Heavy Heart

On Monday, while I was still in Phoenix visiting my daughter and son in law and my son and his wife were on their honeymoon, our husband had to rush the dog to the vet. He seemed to be ill and my husband thought he might have caught a bug or something at the kennel. Unfortunately,  the vet called with some bad news. It seemed he had blood in his abdomen probably from a tumor rupturing his spleen. So just 10 days shy of his 15th birthday, we had to put him to sleep. We all felt so bad since we could not be with him.

Bandit has been a joy and delight for the past 15 years. Although I am sure I have forgotten any times when I might have been mad at him. A few years ago we got a pontoon boat. In addition to loving swimming, he loved nothing more than riding on that boat. Lately he wanted to go everywhere with us in the car. And, once we got to town, he felt it was his job to greet everyone we walked by. I have spent the past two months taking him to town several times a week. We even went to the dogpark a few times.

The house felt empty when I returned and I got chocked up when I unpacked the Christmas antlers we always used to make him put on. He was the sweetest dog and will be missed.

 Last year on his birthday.
Last Christmas



Our last walk in town.

Thank you for letting me share.


  1. Big hugs Jean! I always loved hearing of his escapades.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss Jean, it is always hard losing a fur baby as they are like family. Big hugs to you. BL

  3. What a beautiful 'Old Man' Bandit was.I just love those old white faces. I am so very sorry for your loss. Losing a pet who has been with you for many years is heartbreaking.Hugs and kindly thoughts.

  4. By the way I found your blog through Alpha Stamps give-a-way page...just so you know I am not a lurker :)


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