Sunday, October 30, 2016

Work in Progress - Autumn

 I came late to the artistic world. I fought it for years. You see my twin sister got the art and music gene while I got the math and science. I love numbers and straight lines and perfect shapes. I would fight tooth and nail when ever I had to attempt to do anything involving painting or drawing. Yes, in 8th grade I even made my mom go talk to the art teacher to explain that I could not produce works like my sister.

Fast forward to last year, when the store I was working at closed. I signed up for a continuing education class - Learning to Paint. The idea was to experiment and try different mediums. It was just a 4 week class but after it ended a group of us continued meeting. Working, sharing tips, and experimenting. 

I finally shared a canvas I had made - a mixed media project filled with paint, paper, stamping, etc. To my surprise they loved it and encouraged me to join the local art association. A perk of being a member is selling your works at the three shows we have. I was shocked when I made a sale at the first show and actually sold 12 pieces that day. 

I still do the canvases but, at the same time, am trying to find my niche with different paints and mediums. I love the effect of watercolors but struggle with how to use them. I think my problem is not letting them try before adding more. I also still struggle with drawing. I din't have any schooling so do not know about perspective, proportions, etc. Also I tend to struggle with symmetry. If I draw a face each eye should be exactly the same, etc. 

But, I am trying. So today I am sharing a little watercolor of a girl I made. Inspired by Sandee Setliff who paints such gorgeous girls and faces as well as many other things, I tried to not worry  about perfection. I call her Autumn and her hair was inspired by the fall colors around us. 

If you have stayed with me through this long dissertation, I thank you! If you are a work in progress like me, let's make a pact to keep working on it! We can do this! 

Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. They mean more to mean than you could ever know!

Adding this to Simonssays Monday Challenge - Autumn.

Would love for you to visit Sandee and check out her wonderful art! Tell her hi from me!


  1. This turned out beautifully and thank you for sharing your inspiring story! BL

  2. Love your beautiful painting! The colors are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. :)

  3. I love you girl and you are the sweetest person for saying I had anything to do with inspiring you! We are all works in progress though, if we weren't we would be stagnant and that would be no fun! You are one of my bestest art buddies and I keep hoping that one day you can join me on an artcation, we would have so much fun! YOU are a fabulous artist!

  4. Turned out great and so glad you decided to take the class. It is always great when you find something you love. BL


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