Friday, February 14, 2020

I entered

Those who have followed along with me, know I recently joined a new art group. They are having a show/sale in March. You also know I dabble in painting but have never really considered myself an artist. I bravely joined the group and worked on my watercolor cards during our meetings. The organizer of the sale told me I should have a couple of canvases to display in addition to my cards.

I bravely shared the two I completed last weekend and you know what? They love them! The group has some very talented artists and I did not know if my pieces would be up to their standards.

Here are my canvases. They are 8 x 20 and I used watercolor ground on a canvas to be able to use watercolor paints.

I have no idea if anything will sell but I am glad I entered. 

Adding this to PaintPartyFriday

Stop by and visit the wonderful artists there. Thank you for stopping here and for your kind words. They make my day!


  1. Of course they love them! They're beautiful. Good for you for taking a risk. :)

  2. They are both wonderful, well done! Good luck with the sale! Hugs, Valerie

  3. you can paint so beautifully, these are two beautiful flower pictures!!!
    Have a nice Weekend, Elke

  4. Hi Jean! :) CONGRATULATIONS for joining in the group and OF COURSE they love your watercolours! Your style is beautiful, it's something I have trouble with, loose watercolour painting. You've done it brilliantly!! Good luck with the show!!! :)

  5. Those are beautiful blooms - really stunning. I never heard of watercolour grounds - I'll have to look that up! Happy PPF from No 23 :D

  6. They are beautiful and unique Jean. You're a talented artist with your own gorgeous style. Happy PPF!

  7. these are beautiful Jean. How wonderful to have such support. Enjoy, and happy PPF!

  8. These are lovely! have fun at the sale.

  9. These are lovely and I am so glad you joined the group and entered in the show. Have a great weekend.


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