Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday again

Good morning!

I am glad that we are close to my daughter and those two little grandchildren during this time. While I think they are too young, ages 3 and 1, to understand all of this, my daughter has been having daily conversations with the 3 year old about the sickness, germs and washing hands. Her world has turned upside down as all of her activities - art classes, swim lessons, tumble lessons, etc. - have been cancelled. No more trips to the grocery or dollar store. Thank goodness they have a large backyard and she is happy to spend hours making mud, collecting rocks, etc. And we love to do crafts at home!

This week we accomplished a few more.

The wall in her room is getting filled with our creations! 

I did also manage to paint a few thank you cards. Only had time for quick flowers. 

Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. 

Head over to PaintpartyFriday and check out the amazing artists!  

Happy Spring!


  1. Cute idea to use foot and handprints. Love your flowers. x

  2. delightful art projects!! I think the one blessing in disguise with all the restrictions and and quarantines, etc. is it forces us to go back to the basics of everyday life and being content with what you do have. Be well, and happy PPF!

  3. It's nice that their grandchildren have a garden and you can be so creative with them, great pictures are. Your painted cards have become very pretty!
    I wish you a good time and stay healthy!
    Greetings elke

  4. It sure is a blessing when we can be close to our loved ones, how lovely to be able to now share creative times with them all both indoors and out. Your Thank you cards are beautiful.
    Sending creative wishes your way & Happy PPF Tracey x

  5. I am glad you are close to your daughter. My daughter and son live on the east cost I am on the west. We do speak everyday on the phone. Love the art and your thank you cards are lovely.

  6. Your watercolors are so beautiful, and I love the young ones art-it's so uplifting and looks so pretty on the wall.


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