Friday, March 27, 2020

New Normal

Our new normal is keeping the grandkids busy and not taking them anywhere. Sadly both have birthdays coming up. My granddaughter will be 3 next Wednesday. Happy April Fool's Day! And my grandson will be 1 a few weeks later.

It is difficult trying to plan a celebration and the party which is in a few weeks will likely be cancelled. My daughter did rent a bounce house for 4 days which will keep the 3 year old happy.

I am not having as much time as I would like to paint. I did create a couple of postcards and a card. Think I will send them out to friends and family back home.

The top one may not be done yet and I am not sure I love it. But, it is always good practice. 

I hope, where ever you are, you are safe and have food and supplies. This is such a new world we are living in but I am thankful to be near the grandkids during this time. 

Adding this to PaintPartyFriday!


  1. It's a shame for your granddaughter to have to cancel everything but it's better that way.
    You painted beautiful postcards
    Take care and stay healthy!
    Hug, Elke

  2. Love your beautiful flower paintings.
    Happy PPF and stay safe and healthy♥️

  3. Beautiful art! I am thinking of some April birthdays myself, what to do, maybe Amazon?

  4. We all have to miss out on so much just now, it's sad. Your flowers are wonderful. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Your paintings are so beautiful!

  6. Beautiful, cheerful flowers! Anyone would be excited to receive one of these lovelies in the mail!

  7. I enjoy your flowers, they are a reminder of the beauty around us. Keep creating!

  8. Your cards are wonderful. Young kids appreciate any little thing so what ever you do for the birthdays they will love. Be safe and elbow hugs.

  9. I am sure friends and family will love receiving those beautiful pictures. - Margy

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