Saturday, February 13, 2021

First one

 I am happy to say I was able to get my first Covid vaccine:) Walgreens opened appointments on Wednesday. We hopped on line and persevered and got appointments only a mile from my daughter's house! The process at the store was relatively quick and so far the only reaction is a sore arm. We already have appointments for the second shot in a month. 

I did not have a lot of time for painting this week. I was very excited with this floral on a black Strathmore Mixed media paper. I let the paints pool and was happy with the results. 

Did these for a transportation challenge. My VW is a bit squarish and the tires look flat:) 

This little truck/bus could be for my grandson. He loves all types of vehicles. 

Adding these to PaintpartyFriday. There is so much inspiration from the artists who post there!

Have a safe and healthy week!


  1. our walgreens isn't doing it, but I wish they would. The hospitals are piling people in too close for comfort

  2. I liek your flower a lot. I have some black paper so I might try something similar :) And your transports are fun!

  3. I am happy to hear you got your first vaccine. We won't be getting any here for a few months yet. I love your art today. That flower is amazing. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Very glad you got started on the vaccine. It feels like I'm going to be waiting forever. Likely not until summer.

    I absolutely love your flower on black. Gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely flower. I got my first vaccine last week too but I don't have an appointment for my next one yet.

  6. Lovely art. Sorry I am late! Hugs,Valerie


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