Sunday, June 20, 2021

My Apologies

 I would like to apologize if you are receiving multiple emails from me. I had to find a new way to send them. After many starts and stops, I do think I have figured it out! 

I thank you for your patience through this! 

It has been a busy week. The landscaping in front of the house was completed. We had old plants removed and new gardens put in. Looks great so far. 

We also hosted two caddies from the LPGA even in town this week. I have spent 4 days walking around the golf course. We always enjoy hosting players and caddies. We got to see some great golf. 

We did have to run from a wicked rain cloud yesterday. I think it is going to hold off for today. 

Again, thank you for following me and for your patience. I hope I have figured out the subscriber email situation now. 

Have a wonderful week.

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