Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letting Go

The October creative Dare over at Tracy's is all about Letting Go. Letting go of those things holding you back, those things stopping you from being all you can.As we all know, I am not a confident artist - in fact, I don't even think aritst and my name should be in the same sentence. However, my word for this year is confidence. In this work I am letting go of those feelings and thoughts which are holding me back!

This is done on a piece of water color paper. And, typical of me, I hand wrote letting go, thought it did not looks good, gessoed it, then cut out the girl and sun and remade another background.

I so need to let it go!!!


  1. you did an awesome job on this Dare!

  2. Good for you and yes you nail it and yes of course you are an artist, you create and your express yourself through art, your are an artist!!


Happy New Year