Friday, October 25, 2013

Try, Try Again

One day last week while my daughter was here visiting she wanted to paint. We got out some canvases and she got to work copying a picture she had saved on her computer. I decided to play with my Geli plate. I had this brilliant idea to use fall grasses as a mask. And, I tried doing this right on a canvas. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the process. It is quite messy as the seedy parts of the grasses rolled all over the plate and then the canvas. Once I got the background, I made a tissue paper tree. Added fall foliage and a quote. I made the pumpkins from a Gelli background paper.  To be honest, I am not totally in love with this. The colors did not come out as I imagined. I did have fun trying Gelli on canvas and might have to try again.

I am linking this to October's Geli Print Party.


  1. Your canvas looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing with the party!

  2. I think it looks fabulous and I am totally digging the grass as a mask...leaves too...oh I think I need to go play now!! love you, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥


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