Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dirty Flirty Birds

I was lucky enough to win a class from Jodi Ohl titled Dirty Flirty Birds. Jodi has such a fun colorful style and this is just what I need. We also have a facebook group which has been a wonderful place to show, vent, share and learn both from Jodi and other students!

Jodi's lessons are extremely thorough and I am enjoying the videos!!  This style is still a challenge for me but I have completed two pieces. One is a 6 x 6 wood panel for my sister' s birthday and the other is an ATC card.

The birthday one gave me some issues but I think I resolved them and am now pretty happy. 

If you are thinking of taking any class, I highly recommend Jodi's!! 

Thank you for visiting on this cold snowy day! 


Amanda Rhodes said...

I love all the bright colors!

Lynn Murphy said...

Those are so much fun and colorful! Wish I was that talented. BL

Colleen said...

Congrats on winning the class and that you are having fun. BL

LisaM said...

These are so fun! Bl