Monday, February 22, 2016

It's A Struggle!

I started creating mixed media canvases last year after my job was eliminated. I also took a couple of art classes and felt happy with how things were going. Then a month or two ago, it struck. The negative voices, the inner critic, the doubt! I really began to question if I should be in the art field at all. And to top it off, not only did I join the local art association, but I am the treasurer. I felt I was not worthy to be a part of this group. For weeks, I played with paint, paper, pencil trying to find something I thought I could be good at. I wanted to find my niche. Nothing was clicking. But, I kept at it. I finished one canvas, started another. I am trying to shush those voices telling me I cannot do this.

Here is the canvas I finished. I am pretty happy with it and am pleased to say I have a few other different ones started.

The moral of the story is - we are often our own worst enemies. Hang in there and keep at it! 

Happy Monday!

Adding this to Carolyn Dube's Let's Play. I used older book pages and glitter which I have had FOREVER:) 


  1. I'm glad you kept at it Jean!
    You are so talented!
    This canvas is one of my favorites!

  2. I think there are lots and lots of creatives who have felt the way you did! Thanks for sharing your journey (and fabulous piece of art) with Let's Play!

  3. Very subtle coloration. I like it! And the FEATHER--!

  4. You just shush that inner critic up now, you hear me? lol I love your project, I need to make some paper feathers now!

  5. if crafting makes you happy, keep doing it. Love your grungy canvas, did you make the feathers yourself?


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