Monday, August 15, 2016

Thank You

Painting another thank you card. This time I grabbed some glossy paper and the new Colour Arte Vivid Ultra  Metallics. Wow, are these paints cool!

I have Teal Zircon, True Metals Dragon gold, and Olive Vine.

Here is my card

Look at that shimmer and shine! And - i put some in a silicone mold and was able to make leaves!!! That is just so much fun!! I can see more projects with these! 

Thank you for visiting! I hope you check out these paints!


  1. It looks gorgeous and I love the fact you've kept that one color!

  2. OK, now that is cool, I wouldn't have thought of using the paints in a mold! So creative!

  3. OH Jean, your card is gorgeous! Love what you di with those paints! BL

  4. Beautiful. these colors are rich and inviting. Love the creativity behind this.


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