Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Take a Chance

Have you ever tried a new technique? Used a product a new way?

PCC issued a Take a Chance challenge so I took Steph up on it! As luck would have it, I met up with a friend yesterday who gave me a brand new bag of Bleeding Art Tissue paper. I had never heard of it so scoped it out online.

Well, let me say how fun this is! You can cut it or tear it and place it on a sheet of white paper. Once you wet it - the colors bleed and run!! You never know what the result will be.

Word of warning - this would be a great kids project HOWEVER YOUR HANDS WILL TURN ALL SORTS OF COLORS! My hands did come clean when I washed the dishes after dinner:)

 Image result for bleeding art tissue paper
Here are some of the backgrounds I created
And here is the card I turned one into

I chose to turn some of the purple into flowers by stamping over them.

I am looking forward to trying this on my mixed media canvases. You could also use it for scrapbook layouts and so much more.

Thanks PCC for the challenge and thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Very clever Jean! Love all the colors especially!

  2. So cool and I love your card! BL

  3. OH, your tissue paper art is most beautiful!!! What a perfect time for a new crafty gift and I'm so glad your took Steph up on this challenge!! It's wonderful and inspiring!!! :)

  4. LOVE all of your backgrounds. AWESOME card too!! Where would one buy that tissue?? BL

  5. Your backgrounds are wonderful! I've been looking at the bleeding art tissue for a while on Amazon but haven't taken the plunge. Maybe now I will!


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